A-Grade are long-established manufacturers & suppliers of Telecommunication Cables alsong with their strategic partners, a family of cables used for the transmission of Data, Information, Voice and Images. Production at A-Grade covers almost all the installation needs of Telecommunication Cabling, the range includes:

Conventional copper telephone cables up to 2,400 pairs

Dry and jelly filled cable types with solid polyethylene insulation and foam skin

Metal and non metal mechanical protections

Flame retardant and LSZH versions

Silicone compound telecommunication cables

A-grade cables to ensure that the clients get the exact product that meets their precise requirements. In addition to this, the range of protective screens and armouring types A-grade are capable of producing is so varied that they are able to satisfy even the most demanding needs.


Use Sector:

Underground- buried

Aerial Drop wire

Aerial self supporting – figure 8

Aerial circular

Indoor distribution

Indoor jumper wire

Indoor subscriber wire

Aerial DSL Drop

Indoor DSL screened cables

Our customers include major Telecommunication, Utilities and Engineering Companies.


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