OPGW (Optical Ground Wire)

A-Grade Cables and its strategic partners are proud to introduce OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) in India as per IEEE standards.  
OPGW cable is suited for installation on new power lines with double function of ground wire and communication, especially for installation on normal voltage and extra high voltage power lines. OPGW can replace conventional ground wire of old power lines with increasing fiber communications function. OPGW cables conduct short circuit current and provide lighting resistance.
OPGW cables are usually two structures. The central tube OPGW cable can obtain maximum optical fiber excess length in a smallest steel tube. The diameter of stainless steel tube is bigger than that of ACSR wire and aluminum alloy wire. The stainless steel tube/ aluminum tube is placed in the center of the stranded structure of the OPGW cable. Stranded OPGW cable can obtain secondary excess length; the diameter of stainless steel tube is consistent with diameter of aluminum alloy wire.



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