A-grade Cables. are having strategic international manufacturer tie ups and co-manufacturing to become the right supplier of defence and marine cable for defence applications, which includes cables submarine application; aerospace application, defence application. Our cables can supply power, control and signaling functions including fiber-optic cables and components. Our cables can handle RUGGED Environments and tactical use.

A-Grade Cables has been involved in supplying cables and wires to many modern military equipment and has remained at the forefront of the material technologies used. A-grade along with its strategic partners is preferred vendor to many such military Equipment manufacturing companies, DRDO, BEL and other important laboratories of the INDIAN ARMED FORCES.


Typical Applications include:

– Missiles

– Equipment Wires, Limited Fire Hazard

– Airframe Wires, Humidity Resistant, PTFE Composite

– Cables, Radio Frequency, Low Fire Hazard

– ESM/ECM systems

– Fire guidance control

– Weapon Systems

– Engine compartment

– Reactor compartment

– Fire survival systems

– Communications cables

– Surface ships and submarines

– Towed arrays

– Mine detection cables

-ETFE/ Tefzel® , PTFE wires

We are also able to offer a number of different screen options on all cables to meet the necessary standards requirements of the system. In designing the screen type, other requirements will be taken into consideration such as cable size, weight, flexibility and the screen termination method.

Our special cables have been developed with the wisdom and expertise of several seasoned cable engineers with over twenty years of experience. Our latest generation of Defence cables have combined tried and tested manufacturing techniques with state of the art technology to create cables of phenomenal strength and flexibility. Working with our customers we are able to tailor make cables to meet the demands of any application.


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