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Joint Venture

A-Grade Cables & Teldor Cables & Systems Ltd have entered into a Techno Commercial Joint Venture for the region.

TELDOR Cables & Systems Ltd manufactures a wide range of wires and cables for telecommunications, electronics and electricity, and is a leader in the design and production of high data-rate Copper and Optical LAN cables, Industrial BUS, Instrumentation and Control cables. 

Teldor Cables 
is a pioneer in the following Types of Cables.

•  Computer & LAN •  Fiber Optic
•  Industrial Ethernet & Bus •  Instrumentation, Control & Signal
•  Electronic & Audio •  Telecom
•  Coax •  Power
•  Military & Defence •  Specialty Cables

Teldor is also a specialist in manufacturing or suggesting cable types for special applications and areas. Please visit their website www.teldor.com for more info.

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